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through medium NINA PETRE

  1. Christian Prayers for Women’s Marriage

  2. Christian Prayers for the Women Hurt by Their Husband’s Unfaithfulness

  3. Christian Prayers for Helping Single Men, Cursed by Endless Celibacy

  4. Christian Prayers for Sending Away Evil Spirits from Homes

  5. Christian Prayers for ILL People

  6. Christian Prayers for Fair Earnings

  7. Christian Prayers for Success in Learning




(on your knees, in front of a candle just lit, praying whole-heartedly to God) :

"Most Holy God, Most Holy Mother of God, I beseech you from the bottom of my unhappy and lonely soul to put my life in good order, bring my life mate to marry him ! May this prayer help me now and forever. Amen."

Make the cross three times before and after the entreaty, which you will pray three times a day (or night), when New Moon is marked in the almanac.

This supplication should not be prayed during the clouded-sky or stormy-weather nights.

On the days or nights when you do the devotions you must fast, only eating bread and vegetables.


(kneel in front of a lit candle, late in the evening or at night, in a secret and in total solitude) :

"Most Holy God, Most Holy Mother of God, help me consort for the rest of my life with the one I love and want as husband (whisper his name) !"

Make the cross before and after the invocation, bow down to the ground three times, swear solemnly before Virgin Mary’s sacred image that the man is not married, and then go to bed thinking of him.

During sleep you will receive advice to win the beloved man’s heart.

The entreaty will only be done on the fasting days (and nights) marked in the religious calendar, keeping the fast.


  1. Do not disclose your desires and prayers to anybody else.
  2. Comply with the fast required by the prayers.
  3. Keep the icon of Virgin Mary (possibly holding Jesus Child) in front of you.
  4. Do not gossip, lie, detract, quarrel, hurt anyone during the praying period.




(on Saint Mary’s Day, in August)

"Most Holy Mary the Virgin, Mother of God, help me, the wife betrayed by husband, to win his heart again by the charms of my body and soul ! Stop him, Saint Mother of us all, go to some wicked women who want to take him from me ! So be it, now and forever and all my life. Amen."


(on Saint Mary’s Day, in September)

"Most Holy Mother of God, Mother of us all, depressed or happy women, help me win my husband’s heart again, to be a loyal and loving couple all our life ! Give me brain and courage to separate him from the woman who does not let him alone to take care of his family ! So be it, now and forever and as long as our life will last ! Amen."


(on the First Day of Christmas, in the church, in a place aside from the curious glances)

"Most Holy Jesus Christ, the Lord of us all, give my husband strength to part from the unfaithful woman who wants him, and help him come back to me, his wife ! I humbly pray to You, Lord and Master of our lives ! Amen."


(on the First Day of Easter, in the church, aside from the curious glances) :

"Most Holy God, Most Holy Jesus Christ, give us health and happiness, to me, my husband and our children ! Help us preserve our family united and happy ! So help us God the Almighty ! Amen."




(at midnight, in front of the icon of Jesus Christ the Savior, placing hand on your heart)

"Most Holy God, Most Wise Jesus Christ, take the curse of celibacy away from my lonely being ! So help me God ! Amen."

You will pray for 30 days, starting on a Full Moon night. Until the end of praying period a sign must show up, a guidance toward a woman who might become your wife. If not, you will do the prayers for 30 more days, starting on a Full Moon night, also. If even after these days of devotions the wanted woman does not show up, you will take a break for at least 30 days, after which you will begin the

SECOND PRAYER (in a Full Moon night) :

"Most Holy God, Holy Jesus Christ, help me make up my mind to choose the proper woman as my wedded wife. Following my prayers, drive my bad-luck away ! So help me God. Amen."

If after 30 days of praying you do not become engaged to a woman, you will make a break until the next Full Moon night, when you will restart the Second Prayer. You do the same until you will get married.


  1. When you begin to pray you must live a life without major sins (violence in word and action, intrigue against the fellow creatures, enmity, evilness, envy).
  2. You will not tell anyone that you do the devotions, thus avoiding the malice of the envious people.
  3. You must fast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and give up alcohol, meat and drugs during the praying period.
  4. You must not try to win the heart of a married woman.
  5. You must not go to a witch or other person who might bring the wanted woman by charms.
  6. Swear in front of the saint image that you will treat your future wife nicely.




1.    Put in front of you three white candles of medium size (15 – 20 cm / 6 – 8 inch); it does not matter how thick they are. Stick a square white sheet of paper of about 10 – 20 cm / 4 – 8 inch in the middle of each candle. The candle should burn down to the middle by the end of the prayer. It ought not to burn beyond this limit. Light the candles, kneel on the floor or on object, make the cross three times, pray "Our Father" once, then whisper or say in mind the next prayer :

"Holy Mother of God, Holy God, You who help us all, help me also to get rid of the evil spirits who torment me and insult my home ! God, send the unwelcome demons away from my home !"

Make the cross three times again, splash holy water on every corner of the house in each room, then go outside and splash holy water on every threshold repeating the prayer. Put at the entrance gate a twig of basil from the priest’s bunch, away from the street passers-by’s glance. Make this ritual three days or nights one after another, then take a 3-day break and repeat it. You should make ten sessions of this ritual, each of three days or nights. After the last session, the first sign of improvement should show : either the hostile manifestations stop, or you move to another house, where the devil will not come. If some trouble occurs again after some time, you should restart the devotions. The effects will be good for the rest of the family, too.


2.    Get on your knees, in front of three lit candles without any paper inserted, make the cross three times, bend down ten times before the icon of the Mother of God holding Lord Jesus. Stay on your knees praying as follows :

"Holy Mother of God, Holy Jesus Christ, Holy Lord our God, purify my house from the demons who profane it !"

Make the cross three times again, say "Our Father", and go on with your routine. Start this prayer in a New Moon day or night, and carry it on each day until the moon starts decreasing. You will restart the prayer on a New Moon day next month. On the first day of prayers you must fast totally till lunch, and fast only with bread and water till the next day. The good signs should show before the day you cease the devotions.


3.    There are many situations when people are stricken by the demons’ huge power. In these cases the person should make much light in the house, bringing lamps and candles, and walk with a lit candle in hand through the whole room where the unseen presence is felt. The fire of the candle will burn it, and another one will not come soon.



The Prayer for the First Week

"Holy God the Lord, Holy Jesus Christ, help me heal my body and my soul from the illness which torment me ! Send away my enemies, and help me live in peace with everyone ! In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, AMEN."

The Prayer for the Second Week

"Holy Mother of God, Holy God the Lord, cleanse my body of the illnesses which torture me ! I promise You with all my heart that I will never do any harm to anybody in my whole life. AMEN."

The Prayer for the Third Week

"Most Holy God the Lord, Most Holy Mother of God, Most Holy Jesus Christ, Son of God Father, help me get rid of the illnesses which tantalize and exhaust my body. Forgive my past and present sins in return for my faith in You ! AMEN."


  1. The three prayers must be made consequently one week each, starting with the first day of every month.
  2. Before praying, light a candle, and repeat the supplication until it burns out.
  3. Make the cross 3 times at the beginning and the end of devotions.
  4. Place the palms together in front of your chest during the invocation.
  5. Sick people who cannot kneel will sit or lie down, watching the near-by sacred image of Virgin Mary with Child.
  6. Pray while being alone in the room.
  7. Beseech at least twice a day, preferably early in the morning and late in the evening.
  8. Have a firm faith in the beneficial effect of the entreaty.
  9. Commit your soul to God the Lord for its purification and absolution.
  10. Do not boast of making these prayers.



The Prayer of the First Week

"Holy God the Lord, Holy Mother of god, Holy Jesus Christ, help me work easier and better, for my own joy and my beloved ones’ ! Chase away enemies out of my way, bring me all kind of earnings to alleviate my life ! So help me God, now and for ever, AMEN."

The Prayer of the Second Week

"Holy God the Lord, Holy Mother of God, Holy Jesus Christ, help me and my family earn for a living ! Help us all work profitably and deserve our payment, for ever ! AMEN."

The Prayer of the Third Week

"Holy God the Lord, Holy Mother of God, Holy Jesus Christ, help me earn the fair payment for my work ! Help me work more efficient to be better payed ! So help me God ! AMEN." 

The Prayer of the Fourth Week

"Holy God the Lord, Holy Mother of God, Holy Jesus Christ, give me strength and luck to lead my life ! Give me what is mine according to my honest work, for ever ! AMEN."



  1. Pray mentally or in a whisper, looking eastwards at the Savior’s icon, palms together in front of your chest.

  2. Before and after prayer make the cross 3 times, say "Our father" and make the cross 3 times again.

  3. Do the invocation late in the evening or in the morning at sunrise.

  4. Start the devotions on the first day when the New Moon is marked in the almanac. Pray daily until the last day of the New Moon phase (First Quarter is marked the next day).

  5. You will take into account New Moon, as follows. If New Moon phase starts in the first week of the month, you’ll pray The prayer of the First Week. If it begins in the second week of the month, use first the Prayer of the Second Week, and so on.
    Notice : First week includes days 1 to 7, second week – 8 to 14, third week – 15 to 21, fourth week - 22 to the last day of the month.

  6. During the days you make the supplication you may not eat meat or commit aggressions (quarrel, fight, plot, curse, gossip, revenge, killing of living beings).

  7. Pray month by month, until your situation will get better.



The First Prayer
(made in the evening, keeping in mind a clear aim for success)

"Most Holy Mother of God, help me assimilate the knowledge I need to succeed in… (say your goal mentally or in a whisper) ! So help me God ! AMEN."

Make this prayer each evening and early in the morning, mentally or in a whisper, for 10 full months. If you have not achieved the purpose of devotions after 10 months, you will pass on to :

The Second Prayer

"Most Holy Mother of God, help me again, with more energy, to succeed in learning ! So help me God ! AMEN."

Make this invocation 3 times a day, for 30 days, in the morning, at noon and in the evening, mentally or in a whisper, without telling anyone you make it. If even after 30 days of prayers the result is not good, you will turn to :

The Third Prayer

"Most Holy Mother of God, give me strength and courage to decide what is best for me : whether keeping my aim or changing my object of study ! So help me God ! AMEN."

Make this prayer al least 3 times a day, for an unlimited period of time, until the problem is solved.

IMPORTANT ! Make the prayers as often as possible, in front of the sacred image of Mother of God, at home or in the church. The effect is greater during the red-letter days, great feast days. If you fast on these days, your sacrifice is much appreciated in Heavens, and you are brought nearer to success.