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The Human Psyche Triad (HPT) Model

by Răzvan Alexandru Petre

Through studies, thinking and revelations I have understood that, for instructional purpose, we can divide the human psyche into three distinctive elements: MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS and SPIRIT.

  The MIND is similar to a powerful computer, a giant intelligent biological machinery. Its activity is closely related to the brain, but they are not identical. The brain is the hardware and the Mind is the software, metaphorically speaking.

  CONSCIOUSNESS is often called the Self, the Observer, the Knower by sages over centuries. Consciousness is the controller of Mind, although it consists mainly of three rather simple components: Identity, Will and Awareness.

WILL and AWARENESS send and receive information to and from the Mind, respectively. These two elements form a yin-yang type mechanism of the conscious control.

IDENTITY is what makes us, each living being, be unique, beside any other physical or mental difference. It is the core of Consciousness, which allows us to feel ‘I’, no matter what.

The Mind is totally ‘unconscious’. In terms of psychology, the part of the mental activity that reaches Consciousness is called the ‘conscious mind’.

Stilling the Mind and focusing inwardly, during our spiritual practice, will eventually bring us the realization that ‘we’ are pure Consciousness, and not Mind.

Very small children usually speak using ‘he/she’ when referring to themselves. This is because their Consciousness still does not totally identify itself with the Ego, as the adults do.

People naturally focus their Consciousness (‘myself’) towards the Mind. The EGO is a part of the Mind created by Consciousness through its concentration on the mental activity only. The Ego is made by that thoughts which Consciousness have tagged with the ‘I/me/mine’ label. Thoughts are made of subtle matter and act as magnetic particles. These labeled thoughts have gathered and formed an Ego individuality with a false ‘myself’ identity, which is just an illusion of Self (the same way counterfeit banknotes are taken for genuine ones). The Ego acts automatically, according to its memories, instincts, thought patterns, emotional impulses, habits. Often people suffering from addiction note that their Will is no longer strong enough to resist the Ego’s desires. The real person lies within Consciousness. Unfortunately, it is (read ‘I am’) seldom aware of its full freedom and power. Where does that power come from? It is instilled by the Spirit.

   The SPIRIT has been formed from a Divine Spark which God had surrounded by energy, which is called the Perispirit. The central layer of the Perispirit is the Spirit Consciousness, by which it takes contact with the world. To form a complete human being, the Spirit attaches itself to an embryo or fetus inside a pregnant woman’s womb. That moment, the Spirit detaches a small part of its perispiritual Consciousness and binds it to the Mind. The amount of perispiritual energy invested by the Spirit in this new human Consciousness depends on its mission, karma and intentions. (For further details on this subject, see hypnotherapist Dr Michael Newton’s books and the excerpt below)

During wake-time the Spirit is confined into the brain. The Spirit leaves the body during sleep, and sends information to the resting SOUL (Consciousness and Ego), which is rendered in the form of dreams. Sleep is the best man’s friend, for it allows the Spirit to find solutions, to bring fresh energy, to choose the best decision. Consciousness never escape from its ties with the Mind and brain, except for some special occasions, which are called NDE (Near-Death Experience), Astral Travel (Conscious Astral Projection) and other mystical states.

The main reason for which Consciousness is not meant to leave the body during sleep-time is the need for supervision and protection of the Mind and body. We may also consider the protection against evil spirits which eventually could possess the person’s Mind and body. That is why the Astral Travel courses underline the importance of the Guardian Angel to protect our Mind’s control panel, which is no longer supervised by Consciousness during its travelling outside the body.

The Mind is Un-consciousness, the Spirit is Super-consciousness, and Consciousness is the link between them, having to keep the balance between the multiple external tasks and unconscious influences, and the inward wisdom. As a part of the Mind, the Ego is also unconscious, but it has a strong influence upon Consciousness, which is somehow ‘hypnotized’ to identify itself with the Ego (remember that the Ego is partially a ‘child’ of Consciousness). The Ego has strong drives and the Spirit has a true Will. Why then does Consciousness exist? Mind and Spirit have totally different vibrations, and no compromise is possible between them. This is the role of Consciousness (which is made from the grosser part of the Spirit): to control the Mind on behalf of the Spirit. Consciousness has a ‘personal’ will, but it should manifest the Spirit’s will at all. Nevertheless, usually Consciousness believes itself to be the Ego, hence follows its drives and impulses.

   The human spiritual evolution means that Consciousness shifts from the identification with the Ego towards the identification with the Spirit, its real source of existence and inspiration. For an ordinary human being, the spiritual development is a rather abstract notion, with almost no relation to his daily life. Yet, sages all around the world have been teaching their disciples how to get closer to their Spirit within. It is a complex process with two major steps, that can be easily described using the above mentioned terms.

Firstly, Consciousness must keep itself from identifying with the Ego and the thoughts. This is often called the non-conceptual, silent, awake state of the Inner Witness. The Self-realization is a blissful experience, a first-level samadhi (ecstasy). Once the experience is repeated, a new awareness emerges in man during wake-time. While acting in this non-egotic state, the individual is totally committed to his action. He needs to do it perfectly, as it is divinely inspired, no matter how simple the action might be.

‘Inspiration’ and ‘intuition’ are terms defined by the perfect communication between Spirit and Consciousness. So, when we use the Mind, we call it ‘reason’, and when we use the Spirit, we call it ‘intuition’. Wise people use both reason and intuition.

   Secondly, higher states of consciousness emerge during spiritual training, which the psychologists usually call ‘altered or mystical states of consciousness’. Please, notice that they really are what they designate: special conditions of the Consciousness. Consciousness is sticking firmly to the Spirit, while the latter is leaving the body, going to his astral journeys. Obviously, it is the Spirit’s act of grace, which magnetically attracts and clings Consciousness to itself, while travelling through the spiritual realms. Mystical ecstasy (a higher-level samadhi) is an astounding travel, not madness or imagination. Consciousness usually loses contact with the physical reality, as it is dislocated from its natural place (which is the brain, near the Mind).

In these odd states, Consciousness becomes one with the Spirit, and none of them seem to notice any distinction between them: they have become a single total being. This is the reintegration of that little part (previously detached from the Spirit Consciousness) back into the Perispirit.

It is a peculiar phenomenon, not resembling anything on Earth. How can two entities become one? Human Consciousness is formed from the grosser energy of the Spirit Consciousness. The energy has the same source (identity), but they are separated as two different levels of energy. In fact, they were never truly separated, they never lost contact, they are a team. The eternal conflict in human being is caused by the drives within the Ego (encouraged by Consciousness) that oppose the Will of Spirit (manifested through Consciousness), it is a conflict within Consciousness. Their specific will-power directs each of them according to their skill and intelligence. So, in the ordinary wake state, man is not really formed by two distinct entities, but one complex entity with two will-powers (the Spirit’s and the Ego’s), that only sages can always put in a single will …

Let me use a comparison. Consciousness is like an ambassador of the Spirit in the land of Mind. It has the same nationality, but is temporarily living outside the native borders. It has the mission to express his superior Will, but sometimes the host country (the Ego) is more convincing and influent over the ambassador.

Another comparison might be useful, too. The ocean is the symbol of wholeness. Suppose there were a surface current, made by warm waters, and a deep cold stream beneath. They differ by the density of water, which makes possible two different stream directions. The same ocean (man), two will-drives (Ego and Spirit). If we stirred the water (through the evolution of Consciousness), the particles would mix together into one common movement.

The separation or reunion of Consciousness and Spirit smoothly takes place in microseconds. When the two subtle energy flows join together two things happen. Consciousness has the privilege to experience a totally new vision of reality. On the contrary, the Spirit feels a bit confused, as it has been loaded with the denser human energy. The result for the Total Being is a combination of that two feelings: confusion and wonder. At the end of the mystical experience, the two depart, each one at its place and job. The Spirit is now released by dropping that grosser energy, while Consciousness is profoundly and forever uplifted by the vision of other dimensions. During that states, a part of the Mind (the Reserve Mind) also accompanies the Total Being, which makes possible for the man to recount and ponder over his experience, later.

DEATH is nothing more than an altered state of Consciousness (as experienced in Near-Death Experience or Astral Travel), except for the coming back of Consciousness into the body again. From now on, the Spirit and Human Consciousness will remain together, also holding some Mind particles for a while. Using the mental particles, the Total Being will review its human life, will recollect all the events and keep only the most significant ones in its spiritual memory. If it would later want to see any unimportant detail, it should use other akashic sources of information. During the few weeks after the moment of physical death, all mental useless particles are being cast off and the Perispirit is completely purified by the grosser energy of the ex-man. The Spirit is now a powerful free entity of the Universe again, enriched with its terrestrial experience and seeking for new lessons in the spiritual realm. Please mind, this entity is not the person we used to know anymore. It has a universal personality, built up by all its past physical incarnations and its divine nature.

In this sketch of human psyche I simplified and fragmented the Total Being into components, for a better understanding. Yet, all the elements work together for the person to live and create.

Let's use a comparison to the activity of a factory. The human behavior is the products made by this factory. The brain is the building and the machines. The Mind is the workers who employ the machines. The Consciousness is the engineers, the technical staff who supervise the production line. The Spirit is the management officers who are ultimately responsible for all, bearing the karma of the results, depending on the quality of the products.

These components are studied by science and spirituality. Neuroscience studies the brain; psychology studies the Mind and Ego, the spiritual awakening methods aim to realize Consciousness; all forms of spiritism and transpersonal experiences may find the truth about Spirit.


This model of the Human Psyche Triad (HPT):
- Meets at least 3 fields of interest: psychology, philosophy and spirituality.
- Its limited, but important task is to explain scientifically the mystery of spirit. Its purpose is only theoretical, and targets the audience of the above mentioned fields, who is split between the materialism of science, on one hand, and the evidence of non-material existence, on the other hand. We should seek for the unity of total knowledge.
- This model might not be the best, but it is the simplest, thus appropriate for all. I have already imagined another, more complex and closer to reality, model with 10 components (Spirit plus the physical, astral and mental Consciousness, Pre-consciousness and Mind, respectively).


Visual aids

Educational drawing of the Human Psyche Triad (HPT) Model

The MIND is figured as a square, because the square is the symbol of the Earth and the material world. We usually use our Mind to focus on worldly matters. Red is the color with the lowest frequency.

The CONSCIOUSNESS is represented as a triangle because of the three elements that, in our model, it consists of: I, Will, Awareness. Yellow is the color of the Sun, the Light of the consciousness.

The SPIRIT has naturally a spherical form. Blue is the color of the infinite sky. Blue has the highest vibration from the three basic colors used in this sketch.

The lines suggest the continuous bidirectional communication between them.

* * *

Educational drawing of the forming of the EGO within MIND, through the means of the I-element of the CONSCIOUSNESS

* * *

  Educational drawing of the human spiritual evolution, the process in which CONSCIOUSNESS shifts from the identification with the EGO towards the identification with the SPIRIT

Phase 1: Consciousness must keep itself from identifying with the Ego and the thoughts. It is the effort of the I-element.


Phase 2: Altered states of consciousness emerge during spiritual training. Consciousness usually loses contact with the physical reality, as its Will-element and Awareness-element are totally absorbed by the spiritual reality.


EXCERPT from Dr Michael Newton’s book
"DESTINY OF SOULS - New Case Studies of Life Between Lives",
Chapter 4, title "SOUL REUNION AND REUNIFICATION" (page 116-120)

NOTE: I bolded a few sentences in the original text which are cited below in my comments.
Răzvan Petre

[…] "All souls who come to Earth leave a part of their energy behind in the spirit world, even those living parallel lives in more than one body. The percentages of energy souls leave behind may vary but each particle of light is an exact duplicate of every other Self and replicates the whole identity. This phenomenon is analogous to the way light images are split and duplicated in a hologram. Yet there are differences with a hologram. If only a small percentage of a soul’s energy is left behind in the spirit world, that particle of Self is more dormant because it is less concentrated. However, because this energy remains in a pure, uncontaminated state, it is still potent.

When I made the discovery of our energy reserve in the spirit world, so much fell into place for me. The grandeur of this system of soul duality impacts many spiritual aspects of our life. For example, if someone you loved died thirty years ahead of you and has since reincarnated, you can still see them again upon your own return to the spirit world.

The ability of a soul to unite with itself is a natural process of energy regeneration after physical death. A client emphatically told me, "If we were to bring 100 percent of our energy into one body during an incarnation, we would blow the circuits of the brain." A full charge of all a soul’s energy into one human body would totally subjugate the brain to the soul’s power. Apparently, this could happen with even the less potent, undeveloped souls. I suppose this factor of soul occupation in a host body was evaluated in the early stages of human evolution by those spiritual grandmasters who chose Earth as a planetary school.

Moreover, having all the soul’s energy capacity in one body would negate the whole process of growth for the soul on Earth because it would have no challenge coping with the brain. By strengthening a variety of parts of a soul’s total energy in different incarnations, the whole is made stronger. Full awareness of 100 percent would have another adverse effect. If we did not divide our energy, we would experience a higher level of spiritual memory retention in each human body. Amnesia forces us to go into the testing area of the laboratory of Earth without the answers for the tasks we were sent here to accomplish. Amnesia also relieves us of the baggage for past failures so we may use new approaches with more confidence.

The ghost in the case 15 indicated how it is possible for souls to miscalculate the percentage of energy concentration they bring into a life. One client called this "our light quotient". In a strange fashion, I find my level IV and V subjects shortchange themselves more than the less developed souls. This was demonstrated by the warrior soul in case 22. Typically, a highly advanced soul will bring no more than 25 percent of its total capacity to Earth where the average, less confident soul has 50-70 percent. The energy of a more evolved soul is refined, elastic and vigorous in smaller quantities. This is why the younger soul must bring more energy into their early incarnations. Thus, it is not the volume of energy which gives potency to the soul but the quality of vibrational power representing a soul’s experience and wisdom.

How does this information help us understand the combined force of soul and human energy? Every soul has a specific energy field pattern which reflects an immortal blueprint of its character, regardless of the number of divided parts. When this spiritual ego is combined with a more structured personality of a physical brain, a higher density field is produced. The subtleties of this symbiosis are so intricate I have only scratched the surface. Both blueprints of energy react to each other in an infinite number of ways to become one to the outside world. This is why our physical well-being, senses and emotions are so tied to the spiritual mind. Thought is closely associated with how this energy patterns are shaped and melded together and each nourishes the other in our bodies.

I frequently use the analogy of a hologram to describe soul division. Holographic images are exact duplicates. This analogy is helpful but it does not tell the whole story. I have mentioned one variable in the process of soul division as involving the potency of energy concentration in each divided part. This element relates to the experience of the soul. Another variable is the density of material energy in each human body and the emotional makeup which drives that body. If the same soul joins two bodies at the same time and brings 40 percent of its energy into each body, there will be different manifestations of energy.

Think of taking a photograph of the same scene in the morning, at noon and in the evening. The changes in light refraction would create a different effect on the film. The energy of souls begins with a specific pattern but once on Earth these patterns are changed by local conditions. When we review our future life from the spirit world we are given advice about the energy requirements of the body we will occupy. The decision of how much energy we should take is ours. Many souls want to leave as much behind as possible because they love their home and activities going on there.

Emotional and physical trauma drains our energy reserves. We can lose shards of positive energy to people whom we give it voluntarily, or by others who drain it out of us with their negativity. It takes energy to erect and maintain defense mechanisms to protect ourselves. A subject once said to me, "When I share my light with those I think worthy of receiving it, I can recharge it faster because it was given freely."

One of the best ways we revitalize our energy is through sleep. Once again, we can further divide the energy we brought with us and roam freely while leaving a small percentage behind to alert the larger portion to return quickly if needed. As I mentioned earlier, this capacity is especially useful when the body is in a state of illness, unconsciousness, or in a coma. Since time is not a limiting factor for a freed soul, hours, days, or weeks away from the body are all rejuvenating. I might add that souls can also be recharged by loving spirits during a crisis. We interpret these energy boosts as profound revelations. A few hours’ rest from the human body can do wonders for a soul as long as the remaining portion left behind is on cruise control and not coping with a complex dream analysis. That circumstance may cause us to wake up exhausted.

Since living parallel lives is another option for soul division, what are the motivations and effects from this decision? Many people feel it is common for souls to live parallel lives. I have found this not to be true at all. The souls who choose to split into two or more bodies within the same general time frame on Earth want to accelerate their learning. Thus, a soul might leave up to 10 percent of its energy behind and place the rest in two or three bodies. Because we have free will, our guides will allow for these experiments but they advise against it. On the whole, since the energy drain is enormous, most souls who try parallel lives do so only a time or two before giving it up. Souls don’t wish to lead parallel lives unless they are extraordinarily ambitious. Also, souls don’t split their energy to incarnate as twins. Dividing your energy to be in a family with the same genetics, parental influence, environment, nationality and so forth would be counterproductive. Such lack of diversity would provide little motivation for living a parallel life.[…]

People ask me if a soul did not bring enough energy into its body during the fetal state, can it retrieve more later in life? I find that once the energy formula of a given percentage is chosen in advance by a soul, it stays. To permanently add more "fresh" energy from the spirit world during a life would likely disrupt the delicate balance initially established between the soul and a new human brain. Also, it seems improbable that an incarnated being could retrieve an ethereal substance from its discarnated self. However, with the help of their guides, some people have the ability to communicate – or temporarily tap into – their own energy reserve during a crisis."

Source: books.google.com


by Răzvan Petre

The following Dr Newton’s statements lead to the same conclusion as found in my HPT Model. Despite some minor differences, there are striking similarities between our opinions, although I had conceptualized my Model before I read his books! This may be a mutual confirmation of our spiritual research results.

"All souls who come to Earth leave a part of their energy behind in the spirit world"
"each particle of light is an exact duplicate of every other Self and replicates the whole identity "
"our energy reserve in the spirit world"
"this system of soul duality "
"the analogy of a hologram to describe soul division"

Comment: The SPIRIT (called "soul", "other Self", "energy reserve" by the author) keeps ties with the spirit world, while it incarnates in a human being. The SPIRIT is only confined in the brain during wake-states, but can roam freely during sleep. That is why the author’s statement "if someone you loved died thirty years ahead of you and has since reincarnated, you can still see them again upon your own return to the spirit world" is true but only during man's sleep.

"Every soul has a specific energy field pattern which reflects an immortal blueprint of its character, regardless of the number of divided parts"

Comment: The SPIRIT divides itself giving birth to human CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a mini-Spirit ("our light quotient").

"The ability of a soul to unite with itself is a natural process of energy regeneration after physical death"

Comment: Death is nothing more than an altered state of Consciousness (as experienced in Near-Death Experiences or Astral Travels). In any altered state, Consciousness becomes one with the Spirit, and none of them both seem to notice any distinction between them: they have become a single Total Being.

"By strengthening a variety of parts of a soul’s total energy in different incarnations, the whole is made stronger"

Comment: After physical death, the incorporeal Spirit is now a powerful free entity of the Universe again, enriched with its terrestrial experience and seeking for new lessons in the spiritual realm. It has a universal personality, built up by all its past physical incarnations and its divine nature.


MICHAEL NEWTON (Destiny of Souls),

JAKOB LORBER (Earth and Moon),

RAYMOND MOODY (Life After Life),


October 2009