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Message from the Spirit of the Great Healer Bruno GrŲning

through medium NINA PETRE

One of the remarkable events of these years is the spreading of the so-called "Bruno Groning spiritual healing groups". Proceeding from the alleged witness of people healed by the mysterious power of the well-known German biotherapistís portrait (passed away for a few decades), the organizers of such meetings sell illusions to the ill persons, also searching for customers for other "spiritual" business.

Wishing to find the truth about these miraculous healings, I asked the spirit of Bruno Groning which is his opinion on the alleged "miracles" . This is what he told me :


"My forces diminished as years went by since I died. My photographs are symbols. I was a simple man, not highly-educated, but the hard sufferings, that I endured for many years of unjust grim detention, brought me nearer to Godís Healing Power.

My photographs, and especially the countless copies, play no therapeutic role anymore. They have totally grown cold, they cannot be what I was when alive. If people only claimed less miraculous works in the healing meetings in which I am invoked, maybe the energetic symbol, which my photos represent, would play a positive part in their lives.

I am pleased by the way they commemorate my memory, but it does not justify the exaggerated publicity. I would prefer instead people to read the writings on my life quietly at home. Some cunning fellows make a big fuss with organizing such groups. The sick men should seek after living healing masters, not after photographs, statues, icons, relics, healing springs etc. People, do not let yourself be cheated by the false publicity, the pressmen may be deceptive !"


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