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Razvan Petre

Razvan & Nina Petre



Nina Petre medium

Razvan A. Petre

Spiritual Philosopher, Writer, Webmaster, Translator

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Nina Petre

Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Writer

Nina and Razvan's spiritual activity reflects in their website www.spiritus.ro, launched in 2002, briefly described as "Parapsychology, Spiritism, Society, Esoterism. Opinion and Education in the Area of the Paranormal". Much of its content can be found in the 15 e-books which they have released until now. They are living in Bucharest, Romania.


NINA PETRE is a former teacher of mathematics who discovered her telepathic abilities and mediumship by the mid-'90s. A brief presentation and some of the spirit messages received by channeling are available at an older version of her site, SPIRITIST PSY DETECTIVE: http://www.geocities.ws/psydetective/

Some of Nina's more recent videos with English captions may be watched at SPIRITUS INTERNATIONAL webpage: http://www.spiritus.ro/INTERNATIONAL/mainpage.htm

Nina Petre at TV shows

At present, Nina offers personalized and detailed Study of Karma and Destiny, previous lives readings and their karmic relation with life problems, including advice and predictions.


RAZVAN PETRE's writings are about Spirituality in relation to Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Esoterism, Yoga, Spiritism, Orbs and more. He is an engineer, webmaster and translator.

One of the most viewed webpages has a free database with SPIRITUAL MOVIES AND DOCUMENTARIES translated in Romanian. The Brazilian spiritist movies are originally subtitled by Razvan: http://www.spiritus.ro/video/filme_si_documentare.htm  (Romanian only)

They are honored to present the works of John of God, Francisco Candido Xavier, Divaldo Franco and other mediums and sages in the webpage on the BRAZILIAN SPIRITUALITY: http://www.spiritus.ro/RAZVAN/spiritualitatea_braziliana.htm  (Romanian only)

Spiritus Collection hosts IMAGES FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD, probably one of the largest gallery on the internet, featuring 2500+ images of orbs, which are presumed to be spirit sightings caught on photographs: http://www.spiritus.ro/GRUP/EN/spirit_sightings.htm

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Examples of orbs from the Spiritus Collection