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The Magical Picture for Dispersing Worn-out Energy
(channeled from Shambhala by medium NINA PETRE)

Magical Picture for Dispersing Worn-out Energy

Gaze at the center of the magical picture for a few seconds, then run your eye relaxed over the entire drawing. From the moment you begin to feel pressure at the crown of the head only fix your glance upon the upper side of the picture. In a short time, you will feel released, due to the dispersal of the worn-out body energy.


By gazing at the center of the picture, your bioenergetic field starts to eject the worn-out energy to the ground.

By looking at the drawing’s upper side, you connect yourself with the healing cosmic energy, which penetrates the body through the top of the head. It will facilitate the going out of the worn-out energy in the direction of the four cardinal points, from where it will be directed to the ground.