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Our affirmations on ORBS, confirmed by other researchers

Meg Blackburn Losey, Msc.D, Ph.D.


Exerpt from Chapter 3: Orbs are people too!



Orbs are spherical-shaped energy fields that often show up in photos or videos. They look very much like a perfectly round bubble that is not hollow inside. Orbs appear to move of their own accord, and are often seen or photographed as multicolored spheres with varying and intricate interior designs. There are conflicting opinions as to their source because orbs are not all from the same place. An orb is, in fact, a method of communication that can cross time, space, dimensions, and even intergalactic boundaries. Some people actually see or feel them.

Skeptics generally say that orbs are nothing more than mere dust particles in the air. However, not all orbs are dust. Over the years I have had many interruptions in my daily tasks by a voice that came seemingly out of nowhere, telling me to “get the camera,” “go outside,” or “turn around,” and I have followed that guidance, I have obtained photographs of orbs! Many of those photos show actual movement of the orbs by displaying a “tail,” or trail of energy, behind them. In a way, they look like little comets crossing the photographic field. Sometimes, the spirit world reveals its presence in orb form or other anomalies in photographs. I have taken orb photos in places that are reputed to be “haunted,” and they have been featured in news broadcasts about the locale. Over the years I have met many people who can literally call in the orbs so that they will show up in photos. Control pictures taken prior to the “calling” show nothing, but after they are requested to display themselves, the orbs festively manifest in the next series of photos.

I have always been fascinated by possibilities of what orbs truly mean. After all, when one views this subject from a metaphysical perspective, it takes on an entirely new meaning with unlimited potential. Recently, I discovered that this phenomenon is much more than finding strange and curious anomalies in photographs: orbs embody consciousness! Can this be? Yes, it is true!"

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., can be reached through her Website at www.spiritlite.com .