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SPIRIT SIGHTINGS (orbs) caught on photographs


probably, the largest gallery on the internet, featuring 2500+ pictures of orbs (spirits)

We thank to all the contributors who send us the photographs showing orbs they have personally taken!

inger pazitorFriends of our website send us photographs from their albums which show energy blueprints of beings from other dimensions. No, there are not neither flaw film developing, nor waterdrops, finger marks, light reflexions... It is really what different persons in different environments do involuntarilly catch on film: SPIRITS who make themselves visible and recognizable! Also called orbs...

We are enthusiastic to see spherical shaped images of good, high, luminous spirits. They are in God's service, having a beneficial role for the Earth and Universe. After abandoning the carnal remains, our soul continues to live in a better world, the realm of spirits, who feel and think more intensely than us, earthlings...

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Some do not believe that 'orbs' are, in fact, 'spirits'. Here is why they are wrong:

  Here are some surprises that Mariana discovered in her photos (3rd March 2009)

  Emilia noticed a spirit constantly appearing in her pictures

  From Alexandru, Luminita, Lorena and Iulian, pictures with spirits

  Daniela and Iulia sent us these photographs

  Andana, Luminita, Gabriela, Daniela made these pictures

  Alexandru, Octavian, Daniela, Claudia, Andy sent us diverse spiritist images

  Violeta and Luminita sent us really interesting photos

  At a ski resort in Norway - pictures by Mirona

  Some other photos of spirits - shot by Mirona in Norway

  A splendid shower of spirits in Norway - shot by Mirona

  Pictures of spirits around the Holy places in Bucharest - by Daniela

  From our readers in England and Romania

  From Belgium, USA, Turkey

  Pictures taken at the Holy Grave, in Jerusalem - by Robert

 Pictures by Marina, a newby 'spirit-shooter'

 Spirits around a barbeque - by Eugen. Spirits in a Belgium cathedral - by Alex

 Our readers learn to discover strange apparitions in their photos

  Bogdan is avid with shooting spirits, even in secluded places

  Ioana has taken pictures after an accident, and the guardian angels showed up.

  Ioana photographed spirits in caves

  Spirits in machine plants - by Alexandru

  Other evidence on spirit reality

  Special phenomena shot by Ioana

  The difference between spirits and snowflakes - by Alexandru

  Pictures taken in Romania and Indonezia

  Spirits in Notre-Dame de Paris - by Mirona

  Marta shot spirits in touristic places in Romania

  Glorious hexagonal spirits - by Amalia

  More evidence on spirit existence, from all over the world

  Superb photographs from a Carraibean garden - by Adina

  Spheres of light in our readers' pictures - by Lavinia, Marius, Oana

  Lavinia sent us new photos showing spirits

  On the beach, with the spirits... - by Mihaela and Delia

  A new gallery of pictures featuring spirits in a Carraibean garden - by Adina

  Photos of spirits - by Lavinia

  Remus, Iasmina and Isabela put their photographs at our disposal

  Dan and Daniela, the 'spirit-shooters'

  Adina shot spirits in her Carraibean garden

  Various pictures from our readers

  Gabriela succeeded in shooting strange light apparitions in different places

  A new set of pictures - by Lavinia

  After a car crash, Mircea took some pictures where the invizible entities showed up

  Winter and spirits - by Ana Maria

  Spirits in Lavinia's apartament

  Adina and Viorica share with us their photos

  Mihaela, Liliana and Cristi sent us new evidence on spirits

  Keen on shooting spirits - Lavinia's new collection

  Spirits (even six-angled ones) from Switzerland and Spain

  New series of extraordinary photos - by our readers

  Canada, USA, Romania - places where the spirit show itself

  Lavinia shot spirits at New Years' Eve 2007-2008

  Special pictures of spirits - by Anca and Adina

  At a car showroom and at the Destiny's Cave- by Alexandru

  Spirits in Lavinia's photographs

  This is no sphere, now it is a pentagon. Who would say this is dust on the lens anymore?

  Strange pictures - by Augustin and Florin

  Around Gheorghe Iovu, Romanian ambiental musician, numberless spirits. Mihaela's shots in Destiny Cave, near Sinca Veche (Romania)

  Ionut captured a spirit-shower in his livingroom. Anca and Ruxandra photographed spirits too

  Unseen audience at a basketball game. Watch their shape - by Tiberia

  Viorica photographed her daughter and that was what she got

  Despite the skeptics, spirits keep showing themselves in pictures

  Either in a cathedral, or near a camp fire, there are spirits too

  Interesting photos by Cristian (Singapore) and by Cristian (Romania)

  Iuliana from Tel Aviv (Israel) found these 'defective' photos, after learning what the 'orbs' really are

  After an accident he had, Cosmin is more visited by invisible entities

  Other pictures of spirits - by Sorin, Alexandra, Ania

  Shooting the town's panorama from her balcony, Roza caught something else

  At a Romanian party, in Canada - by Anca

  Gabriela, from Belgium, shot a set of strange pictures at a Halloween party

  Spirits at a waterfall - by Corina

  Pictures from the garret - by Eugenia

  Various spirits in photographs from our friends

  While Nina Petre was filming an interview for the Romanian Television PRO-TV (at the Destiny's Cave, near Sinca Veche, Romania) many pictures were taken, including by the camera-men. The result was stunning for them, but we foretold it.

  We and our friends took some pictures at the Destiny's Cave, in which spirits of the old cave are clearly visible.

  Different photos from different readers

  The same frame look differently at a few moments' distance, suggesting the movement of the spirits - by Daniela

  In a mountain hike, the youngsters are followed by good spirits - by Stefania

  Many various pictures of spirits, which we received from our readers.

  Spirit shots in Bacau - by Adina

  Spirit shots in a countryseat- by Adriana

  Spirit shots in Paris - by Adriana

  Spirit shots in Timisoara - by Andrei

  Many spirit shots - by Claudia

  Spirit shots at the opera hall - by Dana

  Spirit shots - by Doina

  Many spirit shots - by Elena

  Spirit shots at a graveyard - by Ema

  Spirit shots - by Gabriela

  Spirit shots at a funfair- by Luciana

  Spirit shots - by Maria

  Angels at seaside



A group of guardian angels by the lady. Spirits may be seen clearer if inverting colors. Detail of a guardian angel, as it is visible near the lady's foot in the first picture



Although scattered all over the picture, the spirits may be seen much better by inverting colors.


  Angels supporting a religious person

The young blonde female in the picture is surrounded by a group of angels who accompany her everywhere. Her presence among her relatives brings a lot of blessing and peace in her beloved ones' hearts.

May 2006


  Evil spirit sent by enchantment

In this picture there is a dangerous entity, sent by spells, which is stuck by a man's aura. The entity induce him nightmares, unexplainable headaches, unjustified anxiety...

Year 2005...   


  Orthodox-Christian funeral in Yassi

        On the 25 February 2005, in Yassi (Iasi), at a funeral, some luminous entities were caught on film. Among all the pictures taken, only those shot during the lecture of Holy Evangels show such images. The lady who sent us the pictures confesses: "Such a phenomenon seen in photographs strengthened my beliefs and enraptured me. I wish that everybody see it and become more brave, more faithful and loving."


     When the priest began lecturing the Holy Evangels the first spirit came, on the right shoulder of the lady in this picture.

    Click here for the whole picture




      As the Holy Evangels lecture went on, many other spirits came amidst the assembly (see the arrows).    Click here for the whole picture


     The climax was the apparition of a Superior Spirit, which came to attend the dead person's soul (see the white arrow).

     Click here for the whole image.

     Click here for the detail showing the High Spirit.



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