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6th International Spiritist Congress, Valencia, Spain, 2010

Spiritist teachings are based on Christ's teachings. Our aim is to help all who seek spiritual enlightenment and a better way of life. The Spiritist Doctrine, when understood in its full meaning, is a "way" that offers emotional comfort and renewed strength for life's battles.

We are opened to those who are seeking help and support through studying the Natural Laws of cause and effect (Law of Karma), wish to understand the Process of Life & Death (Reincarnation), want to achieve Self-knowledge and Spiritual Counselling

150 years of Spiritism


"Spiritism is the New Science which has come to reveal to mankind by means of irrefutable proof the existence and nature of the spiritual world and its relation with the physical world." Allan Kardec - The Gospel According to Spiritism

"Spiritism and Science complement each other: Science, without Spiritism, will find it impossible to explain certain phenomena through the laws that govern only matter. And Spiritism, without Science, will lack support and corroboration."  Allan Kardec - The Genesis

"Unshakable faith is only that which can meet reason face to face in every human epoch.  Allan Kardec - The Gospel According to Spiritism

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Humanity's spiritual history has been a ceaseless effort of the Spirits to bring us, earthlings, the feeling of being one with God and respect for the Allpervading Divine Laws. Religions, shamanism, spiritism, philosophies - are all the result of a great continuous endeavour to connect the spiritual world with the physical world. Spiritism was officialy introduced in the Western Hemisphere in the 19th century, by a bursting scientifical evidence on invizible entities' existence and manifestation. Its revelations were compiled in the Spiritist Doctrine. Since then human knowledge has considerably grown due to new parapsychological concepts and findings, which make nonconventional forms of life more intelligible and acceptable. Today's people are more mentally receptive to spiritist teachings.

The contact with yoga techniques and teachings of the Far Eastern great masters had a great impact on 'civilized' world during the 20th century. Many research fields have substantially enriched the spiritist ideology and practice for the last decades. Here are some most important ones:

  • Thanatology (acknowledgement of life after death through studies of Near Death Experience, by Dr. Raymond Moody, Elisabeth Kubler Ross and others);

  • Studies of spontaneous remembering of previous incarnation of children, by Dr. Ian Stevenson and others);

  • Regressive hypnotherapy under medical control, which reveal pacient's previous lives (Michael Newton and others);

  • Out of Body Experiences (so-called astral projections), popularised by Robert Monroe and others;

  • Coming up and popularization of many so-called channels - traditionally known as mediums;

  • Transpersonal Psychology, which deals with the altered states of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment;

  • Misterious geometric patterns that spontaneously emerge in crop fields, which are intelligent non-human creations (so-called crop circles);

  • Numberless photographs made by people all over the world, which show geometric light-forms that cannot be explained by film flaw exposition, developing or other common causes, which is actually a way for the spirits to show themselves and be widely recognized.

It is fair and necessary to keep the Spiritist Doctrine in its original form, as it was compiled by Allan Kardec. Yet, as it is a perfectible Science, it may also adopt new elements, which contribute to the century-old theory. This is the very difference from religious dogma, but with a similar noble pursuit. Humanity constantly acquires new information, and the spiritist science evolves along.

May God give us all the inspiration, courage and strength to discover and spread the jewels of spiritist concepts, which are sparks of universal Truth!

Razvan Petre



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